Shugarman Surgical Innovations 

Reinventing Vitreoretinal Ophthalmology


To change ophthalmic injection procedures performed for various conditions by providing innovative designs that improves the comfort, safety, and  cost-effectiveness of operations


1. Comfort

Our patented eyelid speculum, called SpecLite, improves comfort through our single-piece design that allows the patients eyelids to sit more comfortably on the retractors. The ergonomics of SpecLite also allows doctors to more easily administer anti-VEGF injections


2. Infection

The risk of infection from cross contamination is virtually zero with SpecLite. Our innovative design shields the eye from eyelashes and ocular surface based infections as well. Feel confident as a practitioner when performing injections 


3. Costs

SSInnovations lowers private practicing ophthalmologist's costs of performing injections significantly when compared to the current procedure. Pay less for sterilization, staff, and see more patients a day


This is SpecLite. Designed for ophthalmologists and by ophthalmologists. Over the past six years, we have been working to get our device ready for you. This all in one piece fits in similar to a contact lens and functions as a standard speculum. We sell them as single-packaged disposables and in batches that fit your practice's needs. Whether performing two or fifty injections per-day, we strive to accommodate each practice. Learn more about the product and how to get some in your practice by clicking below. 

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