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Started back in 2016, Shugarman Surgical Innovations had an idea to change the world one eye procedure at a time. With an idea built on the foundations of helping ophthalmologists do their jobs safer and more cost-effective, SpecLite was formed and has gone through hundreds of iterations to get to where it is today. The two cofounders, Braden Shugarman and Dr. Richard Shugarman, are working hard to put SpecLite in the hands of every ophthalmologists in the US and later the rest of the world. 

Brief History


Received a patent on SpecLite. We are a Class I medical device and exempt form premarket approval following our 510(k) submission.


Created a beta product to be presented to ophthalmologist. Then, used their opinions to change the design to match the market demand.


Manufactured a prototype that was engineered for doctor use in trials. Also, optimized the cost-effectiveness of the design and material selection. 


We plan to start sales to ophthalmologists interested-in using SpecLite in their anti-VEGF injection procedures and expanding throughout the United States 

Meet The Team

Braden Shugarman

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Braden is the co-founder and CEO of SSInnovations. Through his experience in various entrepreneurial and finance roles, he has developed the necessary tools necessary for running the daily operations of SSInnovations. Please contact him with any questions regarding investor relations, inquiries, or more. 

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