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SpecLite's Versatility

SpecLite's unique design allows for versatility during the injection procedures while ensuring accuracy. SpecLite accomplishes this by marking the injection sites at a range of 3mm to 4mm, with the center at 3.5mm. If the intraocular pressure is high before or after injections, then there is a channel (to eliminate wiggle for aspirations) perpendicular to the surface of the eye. SpecLite is produced out of PMMA due to the clear properties of the material making it easy to see the blood vessels on the surface of the eye while the device is in use.  

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Where do I get one?

Place an inquiry and we will give a quote and estimated delivery time for the desired quantity. Specify your interest in being an end consumer or want to test it first in your quote. 

Does it work?

We have designed it around the eye while satisfying various FEA test on the rigidity of the device. Currently in testing, we are gathering feedback from both patients and ophthalmologists on their opinions of the device.